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  • BPI: Where Equality Matters...
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How can you get involved with the work of Blind LGBT Pride International? Volunteer to assist with one of our standing committees. We are always looking for fresh ideas and new suggestions.  

Please review the committee descriptions below and


the chair of the committee you are interested in, and become more involved with your organization.


Legislative and Advocacy Committee Chairperson – Don Brown

With board approval, the Legislative and Advocacy committee shall develop and implement blindness and/or LGBT related advocacy strategies, follow and report on legislative issues, and educate Membership and allies as to trending issues as needed.  

Budget/Finance Committee Chairperson – Sarah Wilds


The Treasurer shall Chair the Budget and Finance committee which shall be responsible for preparing and implementing an annual budget approved by the board of directors.


Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee Chairperson – Harlow Pease

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall be available to any member who wishes to propose amendments. It shall be responsible for sending notices of pending amendments and changes adapted to voting members. It shall initiate changes that it believes will make BPI more democratic and effective.  

Fundraising Committee Chairperson – Kevin Ratliff

The Fund Raising Committee shall seek and select methods of increasing the organization’s income. Its decisions shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. It shall be responsible for carrying out fund raising activities which have been given such approval.  

Membership Committee ChairPerson – Guillermo Robles

The membership committee exists to maintain BPI’s member base. It works to develop recommended strategies to outreach to new members and retain current members. This committee also works in conjunction with other committees to meet the mission and goals of BPI. The Outreach committee is a sub-committee of membership.  

Elections Committee ChairPersons – Harlow Pease & Don Brown

shall carry out BPI’s nominating process and elections, in accordance with the provisions set Fourth by BPI’s constitution and bylaws.  

Programs Committee Chairperson –  Gabriel lopez

The Programs Committee shall be responsible for developing programs for BPI’s conference and convention and other meetings, as approved by the board of directors. It shall also serve as a hospitality committee as needed.  

Public Relations Committee Chairperson – Gabriel Lopez

A liaison between ACB as well as other blindness related organizations, LGBT organizations and the media. In charge of promotion of BPI on both national and international levels. Sub-committees under public relations are I.T., Social media and Newsletter.