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Thanks for Sharing Your Winning hand

Submitted by: Gabriel Lopez Kafati
Vice President and Program Chair
Word has gotten out the Nugget Casino & Resort in Sparks, Nevada is making room in the walls of the “Stars Suite” for one of our group pics! This elegant spot was BPI’s official hospitality suite during ACB’s Conference & Convention this past July. A shiny baby grand piano and the pictures of the celebs who have stayed in that same suite greeted us as we mingled to share the experience of this year’s Convention. The Nugget opened the doors of its endless casinos, multiple restaurants, and all-night bars. The hotel staff was very attentive; and ACB’s pool of volunteers was remarkable. Even the weather decided to cooperate, and we experienced a mild Summer in Northern Nevada.

BPI’s Dinner With The Board took place in-style, at The Steakhouse. Our Triple7 Mixer attracted old and new friends. A fun fact from our Wine Tastings: we had folks joining us for all five of them! Moonlight has been our best-attended movie night thus far, and many said that the best part of the audio-description was the narrator’s mention of BPI. The huge crowd gathered for our Gong Bath created a powerful energy as we immersed ourselves in the relaxing sounds of the gongs. Our Qigong Movement was such a fun and interactive experience; attendees expressed their gratitude and requested a “Part B.” Yoga Nidra gave all of us a much-needed break towards the end of Convention. Naughty Sparks was full of laughter and surprises. Our Last Deal left us all with the sweetest Convention aftertaste; and the week-long supply of Hi Sierra, BPI’s signature drink, left us thirsty for more.

BPI’s complementary offerings were also top notch. The Policy Director of ACLU Nevada joined us in a discussion on how to “Take Action” during challenging times. Abundant sparkling wine filled our glasses as we toasted during our Ally Appreciation Dinner, and the generosity of a BPI member provided our meal for the evening. Besides the audio-description of Moonlight, AudioEyes also donated to BPI the film Real Boy; we enjoyed this production and engaged in an interesting discussion afterwards. A panel formed of remarkable individuals from different backgrounds opened the floor to a discussion on sexual orientation and faith. The BPI Suite was always ready to welcome our members and friends who simply wished to chat and relax.

For those of you who joined us in July, we sincerely hope we met your expectations. For those of you who were not able to join us, we hope we have given you enough here to get you to St. Louis in 2018. BPI has become a home for many during Convention. Our priority is always to insure the best convention experience for our members. Our welcoming environment is always attracting our allies and friends. BPI has the most amazing and loyal team of volunteers any organization could ever hope for. The members of the Planning and Programs Committee bring all their dedication to plan for and execute our Convention; and our team has developed a keen ability to collaborate with our parent organization. All of this comes together in a week of fun, learning, and mingling between members, friends, allies, and volunteers. On behalf of my Committee, please allow me to thank each and every one of you for sharing your winning hand with BPI!

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