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Quiet Please This is a Silent Auction

Well it is hard to believe that the convention is only a few days away now. It seemed so far in the distance when we first started looking at the idea of holding a silent auction at our convention to assist with fundraising.


Last November, A small subcommittee of the fundraising committee started researching what would be required to hold a silent Auction. with some guidance from Lilian Scaife, we were off and going where BPI had never gone before. Not only is this a first time event for BPI, But as the coordinator, it was a first time for me working on this type of fundraising effort.


After writing many letters and sending out requests to members of BPI for donations, we started receiving items for our auction. At the time of writing this article, we will have several items that will for sure create allot of competition for the highest bid.


For anyone not attending the convention we have not left you out either. We have put the auction on the web for your enjoyment and participation. The items we have already received are already viewable on the website. IN order to bid, you will have to create your own user account. Once you have done this, you can participate just like those of us attending the convention in Las Vegas. If you forget the auction link, don’t worry. There will be a link to the auction on the BPI website.


Finally, we would like to thank Aroga Technologies, AI Squared and Serotek for their generous donations of blindness software & services from their companies. We value their support and commitment to the goals of BPI and look forward to a continued working relationship with them and the other individuals and organizations who have donated products to this first time event.


If you would like to know more about the auction, please write to me, Richard Marion, at



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