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In July 2009 the Blind LGBT Pride International (BPI) membership voted to amend the Constitution and Bylaws to allow for open board meetings. Originally the monthly board meetings were not open to members or the public. This change was made to make the organization more transparent and to provide a chance for members to become more involved with the organization. This is your organization and the board welcomes any input you may have.  

The Board of Directors has established guidelines for participating in the open meetings. These guidelines are as follows:


Open Board Meeting Guidelines

Blind LGBT Pride’s Board of Directors is dedicated to transparency by providing its members and the public access to regularly scheduled Board meetings and related documents.  

Meeting agenda:

All Blind LGBT Pride International’s meeting agendas will be posted to the website 48 hours in advance of regularly scheduled Board meetings.  

Meeting minutes:

All Blind LGBT Pride International’s meeting minutes will be placed on the web site no more than 30 days from Board approval.  

Meeting participation:

Members and the public will have an opportunity to comment on an agenda item immediately before the Board takes up the item. Speakers are limited to two minutes. Board members will only respond to members/public comment only if clarification is needed. This is not an opportunity for the Board to converse with the person making the comment or vice-versa. If the member/public comment is not related to the agenda item, that person will be ruled out of order.

Each agenda will include an item entitled “public comment”. This is an opportunity for members and the public to speak on any issue irrespective of whether its on the agenda. Speakers will be limited to 2 minutes and will be permitted to speak only once. In all cases, paid members will be permitted to speak before those who are not paid.


Interested in attending a meeting?

The monthly board meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST). The meetings are held by teleconference using a free conference system. This conference system connects all callers into a conference meeting room. To access the meeting room a designated phone number is called and then a passcode is entered to gain access to the meeting room. If you would like to attend one of the monthly board meetings please send a request to the President visiting the contact page of the website. In your request please include your name and if a member or non-member. Please submit your request by 12:00 NOON PST on the day of the meeting. You will receive instructions on how to access the teleconference meeting room along with a copy of the guidelines established by the board of directors for participating in the open board meetings.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any board member to discuss them. We look forward to hearing from you

Board Meeting Minutes

  To view previous meeting minutes, please visit the Board Meeting Minutes page.



To view the current meeting agenda, please visit the Board meeting Agenda page.


If you are not a member of Blind LGBT Pride International but would like a copy of the most recent agenda or minutes, please send a request including your full name and email address to the BPI Secretary by visiting the contact page of the website.