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Ideas for Your Holiday List

By: Gabriel Lopez


As is customary during the Holiday Season, we make a list of those who will be the happy recipients of gifts from us. We hope you have saved room for one more name in your list. Don’t panic- it won’t cost you any extra dollars; actually, it should save you some in the long run! Just think of all the beautiful things you have received from your friends and family members who have already claimed a spot in your Holiday list. Now think of this additional friend- she has given you open doors, opportunities, liberty, freedom, equality, inclusion, aid in times of need, and she has always been ready to cover your basics so that you can move on to bigger and better things. Have you guessed her name yet?


Some times we tend to take America for granted, and we forget the greatest and noblest principles our nation stands for. However, this end-of-year is different. We are witnessing how the incoming administration is filling each cabinet position with persons who pose a clear threat to those principles that constitute rights and protections for all of us. The anti-LGBT position of our future cabinet is clear. The civil rights that have resulted after the blood and tenacity of many heroes is now at risk. Moreover, the protections that have helped the disabled community level the playing field are being attacked. All of these rights and protections are gifts that, for decades, we have received from our beloved America.


From the appointment of a white supremacist to one of the highest positions in the White House, to the selection of a blatantly racist character for the position of Attorney General. The second in command, being the most fearsome enemy of the LGBT community in the United States. Does this sound like our country? Do you think these kind of choices represent the values that have already made America great for centuries? If you disagree, then it is time to take matters into your own hands. Our great nation has already gifted us with so much, and it is time we give back. We must stand up and defend the principles and values that constitute the building blocks of our society.


Starting this Holiday Season, and moving forward, during the next four years, we must shower America with gifts. Let’s give our nation the gift of our time during which we should follow every single move attempted by our future government. Consider exerting your democratic rights by contacting your representatives and demanding from them they make the decisions that best align with your values. Show your courage on behalf of your nation by being vigilant and ready to act if you feel any American principle being threatened. Consider sharing your talents with any progressive organization of your choice. While we hope you can relate with this proposed Holiday list, we would like to invite you to add more to the list and to share your gift ideas with us, with your friends and family members, with your neighbors, with your coworkers and colleagues, with your social media contacts, and even with a stranger in the bus stop. Let’s give our America the gift of making sure we remain the great nation we have always been!

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