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The Easy, Almost No Effort Fundraiser

This “Easy, Almost No Effort Fundraiser” is a way you can help fund your Blind LGBT Pride International Special Interest affiliate without having to do much of anything. You don’t have to ask people for money. You don’t have to participate in any fundraising walks, or sell raffle tickets or yard sales, or anything of the kind. It requires just a tiny bit of information when initially enrolling in the program, and after that, it is on automatic! You don’t have to do anything more!

This is one fundraiser that if it sounds too good to be true, really is true!

In fact, this fundraiser is so good that you can not only help generate much needed revenue for BPI, but you can even help your affiliate’s parent organization, the National ACB, all at the same time!

You can by participating in the ACB’s Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) Program. You simply enroll in the program and an amount, designated by you and completely controlled by you, is automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit or debit card each month. It starts when you want it to begin and will end upon your request. It is so easy. Once you enroll in the program, there is nothing more you or BPI need to do. Everything is completely handled by ACB’s financial office. If you ever want to change the amount of your contribution, you can by simply contacting our ACB financial office. You can have up to 50% of the net amount of your contribution designated to support Blind LGBT Pride International.

So, by participating in this “Easy, Almost No Effort Fundraiser,” you can support your BPI and the national organization, both at the same time, with a single contribution, two-for-one!

Some members can afford more or less than others, and we certainly realize and respect that.  All we are asking is that you help fund BPI and our national programs with whatever monthly amount you can afford.  We equally value everyone’s contribution.  To give you some idea, currently, contributions range from $10 per month and go all the way up to over $100 per month.

To enroll in the program, just contact  Will Burley at  or call the ACB financial office at 1-800- 866-3242 and have Nancy Becker assist you with filling out the required form or have one sent to you, or alternatively, you can access the form on ACB’s website at

Thanks for your support of Blind LGBT Pride International!

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