We are an open group of LGBT folks who are blind or vision impaired. Our crowd also features a wonderful mix of straight and sighted allies.  We connect with each other all-year-round through different events and activities.  Want to know more about our day-to-day activities? Join one of our open Board of Directors meetings! Our telephonic meetings are open to all members and friends. We meet the 2ND Sunday of every month, and we would love to see you there! For more info on our meetings visit our Contact page and email our president.  We occasionally host other telephonic events, such as book shares and town hall meetings. We are always seeking for new and exciting ideas. We welcome your suggestions; you can share them via E-mail, by dropping us a line at our contact page.   We suggest you become a member and join our discuss list, where you can keep up with BPI announcements, connect with other members, and start a new topic of your own!


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