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2014 BPI Convention Scholarship

2014 BPI Convention Scholarship

Application Process, Requirements, & Criteria


Blind LGBT Pride International, BPI is thrilled and delighted to announce that we will be offering the first ever Scholarship, to attend the annual ACB national Conference & Convention,

which will be held in Las Vegas Nevada this year!


Our 2014 recipient will receive round trip airfare to Las Vegas, lodging, our BPI Convention Package, which includes tickets to all BPI sponsored activities, workshops, and a ticket to the ACB Banquet. 




Note: submissions MUST be received by email at,

By May 7, 2014, NO LATER than11:59 PM EDT.  The recipient will be named on May 21.


Please submit the following information on a cover sheet:

– Name

– Address

– City, State/Province, Country, Zip

– Phone number you are best reached at

– Email Address

            – Length of time you have been a member of BPI?

            – Include a statement indicating that you are both the following by April 7, 2014:

– at least 18 years of age, a BPI member in good standing, and if chosen, you agree to attend all events, and meet all conditions as they have been expressed and posted under the requirements section of the 2014 BPI Scholarship Information located  on the official BPI web site at



– Must be over 18 years of age.

– Must be a BPI member in good standing, as of April 6, 2014.


The 2014 BPI Scholarship Recipient will be responsible to –

– Submit a cover sheet as outlined above.

– Submit a 1 page essay as outlined below.

– Write an article for our post-convention “Inside Out” Newsletter, detailing your experience at the ACB convention, and attendance at the BPI sponsored activities, & workshops.


Attend the following:

– all BPI sponsored activities & workshops, including the Annual Board Meeting & Caucus,

– all ACB General Sessions, and

– the ACB Farewell Banquet.



Essay Details –

Please submit a 500 word SA which includes your thoughts on the following points:

– What experience would you be able to bring to BPI, as a volunteer, and potentially in a future Leadership role?

– How and why would coming to the ACB convention and participating in BPI be of help to you personally?

– What do you hope to gain and learn from the overall experience?

– How do you see yourself using the knowledge that you will gain from this experience to “Pay It Forward” to BPI, and to your fellow members?



  • – BPI is not responsible for any room charges and incidentals that may be incurred during the recipient’s stay.
  • * – BPI is not responsible for any expenses not specifically outlined in this award package, including, but not limited to, lost luggage, medical expenses, and any expenses related to any unforeseen emergency, or anything related to any agreement, or situation, which the recipient may incur, or enter into, on their own accord.

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